Hip-Hop Go-Getter, Pevie is taking Chicago by storm with his controversial rap lyrics and energetic onstage performance. Songs such as, "Wordplay" and "No Mumble," are what bring back the originality and rawness of Hip-Hop music. Over the past couple of years, Pevie has been touring the Chicagoland area, selling out shows. Currently, he is working on his new mixtape, “The PMix," which will be released soon.

Since he was born, music has been influential in raising Pevie, it became his passion. Introduced to Hip Hop by his single working mother, Pevie fell in love with the art at an early age. By thirteen, Pevie had decided his career path. Releasing his first self-produced, solo EP titled, “Elevator Music," at 16, and passing out 100 copies at high school, Pevie decided to pursue music professionally. The response he got from the EP was great, fueling his passion and excitement about his music. Subsequent releases garnered more followers and gained radio play on local radio station WGCI FM, in Chicago.

In 2011, Pevie promoted and produced his own show. He chose, Club Escape in Schaumburg, IL. Through word of mouth only, he sold out. “I felt like that was my sign from God. I then realized that without failure there is no success," says Pevie, who had some false starts and opportunities go bad on his rise to success. “I felt unstoppable after that show and gained a new confidence about myself and my craft."

Pevie has independently sold thousands of copies of his self titled EP, unknowingly selling one to noted Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco. Ending a phenomenal year, Pevie headlined his own show at the Elbo room in Chicago, once again selling out the venue. Being the natural born hustler that he is, Pevie is currently running his own record label Win Music Enterprises.  He’s the voice of the independent, outspoken, underprivileged youth that wants to WIN! 



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